企业简称:无锡旗连                 成立时间:2011-01-25                 网址:http://www.magicrf.com
产品名称:M100/QM100 参选理由:



UHF RFID SOC Reader Chip

Key Features

·  ISO18000-6C & EPC Class-1 Generation-2 Compatible;

·  Frequency range: 840~960MHz;

·  Sensitivity: -69dBm with -10dBm self-jammer at 1% PER (M100); -78dBm with 0dBm self-jammer at 1% PER (QM100);

·  Power supply: 3V ~ 3.6V single supply;

·  Current consumption: less than 10uA in power down mode, 7mA in idle mode and 80mA in full power mode;

·  Fully integrated RF transceiver, digital MODEM and MCU;

·  Modulation, coding and data rate: 80kHz DSB-ASK for transmitter; 80kHz FM0 for receiver;

·  LBT and FHSS supported;

·  Integrated low noise VCO and Loop Filter;

·  Integrated 4dBm Single-Ended output power amplifier;

·  Integrated 8bit 8051 MCU with 256 Bytes Internal RAM;

·  16K Bytes Program RAM and 8K Bytes Data RAM;

·  8-bits GPIO with configurable options;

·  UART Serial Port up to 115200bps baud rate;

·  Automatic Power Control (APC) pin to control off-chip power amplifier;

·  Reference clock: 26MHz Quartz Crystal;

·   Package: 5mm x 5mm, 32-Lead QFN; M100 and QM100 are pin-to-pin compatible;


Handheld Reader

Mobile Phone Accessories

Integrated / Stationary Reader

General Description

MagicRF M100/QM100 are highly integrated,  low voltage, low power, small profile SOC UHF RFID reader chips, typically for power, size and cost sensitive UHF RFID readers.

M100 and QM100 are designed for low cost and high performance application respectively. They share the same package size, pin definition and communication protocol that  make users easy to switch between them according to different application requirements.

The firmware can be customized for different scenarios to achieve best performance and fulfill special user requirements. To download firmware, both UART and I2C interface can be used.

The GPIO and APC can be customer defined for extended usage, e.g. off-chip power amplifier control.


无锡旗连电子科技是一家国内专注于900MHz超高频(UHF)射频识别(Radio Frequency Identification)读写器芯片的公司。公司的主营芯片具有完全自主知识产权,符合国际标准及相关规范。公司从客户需求角度出发,致力于技术革新及产品优化,提供低功耗,易用,高性价比的芯片及参考设计。为实现RFID读写设备的“易开发”、“易获得”、“易使用”而尽我们的努力。   

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